"Daisuke" means "a big guy" in Japanese (loosely translated) and he is just that for me. I adore Daisuke and he knows it. He is a beautiful, smart and gentle boy. He constantly amazes us with his cleverness. His chest is pure white and he has a charming fluffy tail. He sometime is a mom's stalker and loves to be held - for just a short period.

Daisuke is always nice toward other dogs and tolerates puppies. He will fight if necessary, I'm sure, but he is not at all aggressive.

Daisuke is almost perfect. Only thing I worry about is that he doesn't like various foods and doesn't eat much. I love to cook a meal with nutritious ingredients for him but he just wants to eat a bit of "his" dog food (Daisuke is particular about the dog food, too).

Hope Daisuke will be with us for long time and shares many adventures. He doesn't mind living in Paris so far.

Birthday November 11, 2000
Colour Red
Birth place Ontario, Canada
Current address Paris, France
Education Agility beginners class
Doggy School - Advanced
Puppy School
Doggy Day Care
Occupation Watch Dog
Favourites Marking, Desert(dog cookies)after meal, Good looking young girls
Dislikes Water, Getting dirty, Clicker and compressor sound
Motto There is my way or no way!


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