Hime is a cheerful and active girl who loves outdoors, foods and her brother, Daisuke. Daisuke and Hime have the same mother.

Hime's eyes are big and beautiful, and her tail is so cute. Hime loved agility. If she was friendly toward other dogs, she could have became an agility star.

Hime is always friendly toward people but she is very selective which dogs she socializes. Very few dogs pass her test - we don't understand her selection method, though. There were a few dogs she liked in Canada, but here Hime is quite happy to have only Daisuke as a doggy friend. Hime is not sure about Paris apartment living. She probably is wondering "What happened to my back yard?"

Birthday December 7, 2001
Colour Red, a bit sesame
Birth Place Ontario, Canada
Current address Paris, France
Education Agility Beginners Class
Puppy School
Doggy Day Care
Occupation Being cute
Favourites Daisuke, Foods, Outdoor
Dislikes TV, Shower, Children
Motto Do it before you think!


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